Food Production and Patisserie (Bakery)

Cooking is defined as an art of preparing food by the application and withdrawal of heat, it involves wide variety of methods, decision-making, technical knowledge and manipulative skills.The aims and objectives of cooking

  • To make food more palatable, tasty.
  • To help chewing.
  • To make food look attractive and improve the appetite.
  • To introduce variety.
  Mr. Francis Godinho
       ( Instructor )

To prepare or to produce a complete dish one need to understand the basic pre-preparation and step by step methods. This is also called as Mise- en-Place.e.g.Peeling, Cutting (including Slicing, Chopping, Pounding, Rolling, Fermenting, Mixing, etc). Methods such as Boiling, Simmering, Blanching, steaming, Pressure cooking, Roasting, Grilling, Baking, Sautéing and frying.etc.

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Food and Beverage Service covers the skills and international standards of service for those who are studying or working in this sector.
We provide the adequate knowledge of Food and Beverage Service for future knowledge and experience.

       Mrs.Sujaya Pawar
( Food Instructor & Services )


Food service industry is growing and developing with the advancement of developing demands for Food and Beverage away from home and broader liking of eating out is now a trend.


It has good job prospects for both boys and girls, now day’s women’s are coming up in this industry and are encouraged to take up food and beverage as a profession.


Students are shaped and groomed with the all information related to Food and Beverage Service with all international standards of services and also the preparation of mock tail for the knowledge of students.



A hotel has two major revenue producing departments.

  • Front Office
  • Housekeeping

Front Office: The front office is the central point, which makes a room reservation, registers guests into the hotel, provides information to them during their stay and maintains their master bills. It is the most frequented and visible department than any other in the hotel.
Housekeeping: This department is responsible for the cleanliness, maintenance and aesthetic standard of the hotel. Housekeeping provides laundered staff uniforms, room ,restaurant linen ,fresh and flower arrangements.

    ( Instructor Accommodation                         Operation )